Stamps in my passport. People I have been. Places I have known.

When somebody says that life is a journey, not a destination, they’re only partially correct.

There is a lot of life to be had in the in-between spaces, certainly. Some of my most interesting years are what prospective employers like to call “gaps in your CV”. And it’s quite true, in terms of careers and the satisfaction of pen-pushing employers, the gaps are useless. But to anyone who has had a gap, stood outside of the rat race for a while… the perception is different. Likewise, some of my most amazing moments in life have come not in the journey, but as a series of destinations. Physical and figurative destinations. For a balanced life, strive for both.

I want to be a published author. Strike that. I’ve been published. I want to be a full-time, making-enough-money-that-I-have-no-other-job author. And that’s a little harder. What’s the difference between a writer and an author? An author has contacts in the publishing industry. Which makes me a writer. I have a great online writing group, a wonderful bunch of people to whom I never donate enough time, and I have a Constant Reader in the form of my wife. (Who literally reads constantly… it’s just a case of making sure she gets to my stuff!) This is more than many aspiring writers, and I consider myself lucky.  The destination of Author beckons, and I am on my way there.

But life is about taking more than just one trip, right? And so it is that I have already arrived at another destination. I am a teacher. And although I doubted it, and tried to get back into office work, well… I am a teacher. It was a long road to make that discovery, and involved more than six years of “temporary” teaching. It involved four countries, a six-figure air miles total, and the ability to speak a new and exotic language. (New for me, the Chinese would rightly contend that there is nothing new about their language.  And sadly, given the conservative mindset of the Mainland Chinese, they’d be right.) The journey looms once more, and I am not far from changing countries once again. This time, it’ll be the United Kingdom, where Marmite and Jelly Tots are more easily come by, but the job market is harder to break into.

I guess once you’re through all the preamble, I’d like you to enjoy this blog for what it is; A commentary on the journey and the destinations. A (hopefully well presented) slice of my life, and the invitation to embark on journeys of your own. There will be a few different sections, and I am throwing this open for public consumption. Enjoy, reflect and never stand still.

– Yeti


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2 responses to “Stamps in my passport. People I have been. Places I have known.

  • lielu

    The universe can’t say no to you forever. And besides, you are a South African, well groomed by the “we demand” generation. (insert Julius Malema accent here)

    • TheValentineYeti

      It is weird, but I really don’t think of myself as a South African any more. (I know I am… not disputing it. 🙂 )
      I haven’t lived in SA since 2002. And I have spent more time as an adult in Taiwan than any other country. 🙂

      If home is where I lay my hat. It’s Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
      If home is where the heart is, it’s with my wife, or somewhere in the UK.
      If home is where people know your name, then it’s scattered about the globe a bit. (With a surprisingly large chunk in Canada.)


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